Hey, I'm Tuan šŸ‘‹

Iā€™m a digital marketer based in the UK. I enjoy helping businesses and brands with their paid media work across Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.

On the side, I build websites and make YouTube videos.
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    Case study 1: VC funded B2B tech start up based in the USA

    • Generated 1,159 leads (website sign-ups) using Google search ads šŸš€
    • Spent $17,748.52 in Google advertising which produced an average cost per lead of $15.31! šŸ¤Æ

    Case study 2: Direct to consumer supplement brand based in the UK

    • Generated Ā£19,351.10 in revenue with a Google advertising spend of Ā£3,439.69! āœŒļø
    • Used a mix of Google search, Google shopping and Google performance max ads to achieve a ROAS of 5.63 šŸ†

    Case study 3: Leading B2B cybersecurity firm based in France

    • Used LinkedIn advertising to build pipeline of hard to reach prospects who are in the market for B2B cybersecurity services šŸŽÆ
    • Generated 3 book a demo leads in France at an average cost per lead of Ā£76.74! šŸ’„