Custom Websites

Custom websites… why bother? To stand out from the competition from other businesses who offer the same product or service as you do.

Competition for business is fierce. Don’t fall behind the times just like millions of websites out there, who all use the same old templates, generic stock images and boring website copy.

Custom websites matter if you seek to dominate your industry.

Ultimately, your website should be your online sales companion which runs 24/7. You can only achieve this with a custom website which has been strategically designed & developed to sell your services/products.

For a custom website to be effective, it should cover the following:

1. Designed to maximise your website conversions.

A website which has been designed & developed to sell your services/products will convert much higher, in contrast to an informative brochure website. The industry average is 1% (1 client/sale for every 100 visitors). Acquiring & buying website traffic is expensive, so it makes sense to design & develop a website that converts higher than the industry average.

2. Be mobile friendly and compatible across smart phones.

User experience is important for high Google rankings – 38 per cent of people will stop engaging with a website if the content and layout is unattractive.

3. Be engaging and interactive for your visitors.

Search engines look at dwell time to signify the amount of time a visitor spends on a website (before clicking the back button to other search results or closing the website altogether). Websites that do not engage, interact or get visitors to take action such as “click here to book your free consultation” or “click here to learn more” will not rank high on Google.

4. Have an SSL certificate installed (the padlock next to your domain name).

“Not secure” websites will not rank high across all search engines.

5. Optimised for fast loading speeds.

Slow websites aren’t favoured well by Google as it ruins user experience (people do not have the patience for slow technology).

6. Have website copy which excites, engages or entertains your visitors.

You do this by writing copy which allows visitors to understand how they will benefit from your services/products. Your customers do not care about you or your company. They care about themselves – how will they benefit from working/buying from you?

7. Email capture is integrated & strategically placed across the website.

Collecting your own email list of customers is essential, as you can sell your services/products via automated email marketing. Recurring income and building up your following both compounds very well together.

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Examples of custom websites across different industries:

23 Nail Salon
Sweet Vietnam
Plz Stop Snoring
Plz Global Apparel

As showcased above, all websites that we build are strategically designed & developed to sell services/products. You too can achieve this with a custom website.

To find out how we can help you reach more customers and create more sales for your business, book your free 30 minute consultation call by clicking here or complete the below form to get your free website audit! We look forward to working with you.


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