Local SEO Case Study - 23 Nail Salon

Why optimise your website for local SEO? To reach more customers and to create more sales for your business.

Google is the largest search engine in the world; with 3.8 million Google searches being made per minute (source: SEO Tribunal). With this point in mind, it makes sense to have a website which ranks high on Google.

You do this by optimising your website; with keywords your target audience will use when searching for your services/products.

In this local SEO case study, a nail salon based in Tipton (UK) requested our local SEO services. Our objective was clear, to help them reach more customers within the Tipton area.

To demonstrate the value of local SEO, we also asked our client to think of the life-time-value of acquiring 1 new customer (repeat monthly visits over several years). Also, the impact of referrals to their business (existing clients recommending their friends and family). The reason for this will be illustrated at the end of this case study.

Client: 23 Nail Salon
23 Market Place, Great Bridge, Tipton, DY4 7EL, UK.
Website: www.23nailsalon.co.uk

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From our research of keywords, their website was optimised and made SEO friendly so it can be found on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Search Term 1: “nail salon tipton”.
Google My Business Listing: Ranked #1, First Page.
Google Search Results: Ranked #6, First Page.

Search Term 2: “nail shop great bridge”. 
Google My Business Listing: Ranked #1, First Page.
Google Search Results: Ranked #2, First Page.

As illustrated above, their website and business listing are both shown on the first page of Google – when people search for “nail salon tipton” or “nail shop great bridge”.

The impact of local SEO and an optimised website for our client – 23 Nail Salon: more sales from reaching more customers within their local area (Tipton).

In addition to this, our client looks forward to recurring income thanks to regular monthly visits and referrals. A powerful snowball effect from results driven by local SEO and a custom website; which has been optimised to contain the used search terms. 

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