Application: Digital Marketing Officer at TEDI London

By Tuan Tran

Key Issues Outlined by TEDI London

  • The UK will not produce enough engineers to fill expected employment demands by 2022.
  • The UK will experience annual shortfalls of at least 20,000 engineers.
  • Around 8% of engineering undergraduates in the UK are women.
  • The UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in the EU.

Proposed Solutions By TEDI London

  • Create socially aware & globally focused engineers.
  • Channel & develop great design & entrepreneurial skillsets.
  • Attract a highly diversed student group who are all driven for excellence.
  • Empower student engineers with great problem solving skills.
  • Help students at TEDI London to secure top graduate positions.
  • Work with leading employers to bridge the transitional gap between theory to practice.
  • Maximise employment prospects for all student engineers.
  • Commit to ensuring the student population at TEDI London is gender balanced.
  • Similarly, eventually reach a 50:50 ratio of domestic & international students.

Why Tuan?

  • High ROI professional.
  • Results driven digital marketer.
  • 5+ years of experience.
  • Currently contracting 3 days a week (remotely) with a housing association in Birmingham - helping them sell shared ownership homes across the UK.
  • Responsible for the housing association's digital ad spend of £10,000 per month across various online channels: Google AdWords, Facebook & Instagram ads.
  • Skilled in developing optimised digital marketing campaigns and creating custom websites which sell products/services.

Working With Only The Best To Achieve The Best Results

How Tuan can help?

1) Digital Marketing Strategy:

a.) Tuan will facilitate the development and effective execution of a digital marketing strategy and associated plans which are aligned with the overall business and marketing strategy at TEDI London.

i) This will primarily be on online channels, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Display Network, AdWords, Email and more.

2) Nurture:

a) I’ll set-up nurture tools and methodologies for TEDI London.

i) Retargeting: I’ll set up retargeting to target prospects that have been to (website domain tbc) with advertisements that follow them around the web to a variety of web properties.

ii) Email Marketing: I’ll work with the team at TEDI London to figure out the best nurture sales messages, and set up a program to help automatically manage email marketing.

iii) Conversion Rate Optimization: I’ll help TEDI London optimize their website for conversions with the least needed resources possible. We can use low hanging fruit tests that work for a lot of companies.

iv) Google Analytics and Tracking: Making sure we know how visitors are arriving with, converting on, and interacting with the (website domain tbc)

3) Strategy and Miscellaneous:

a) I’ll be available for any miscellaneous marketing needs. This includes but is not limited to:

i) Helping evaluate and develop marketing strategy.

ii) Helping choose marketing software.

iii) Helping collect and develop prospect data-sets for targeting.

iv) Data analysis

v) Helping choose and train marketing hires. (If needed)

I can manage all aspects of planning and execution of the above. I’ll work with your designer on creative and your dev team on tech integrations if applicable.

Examples of Recent Work

web design
23 Nail Salon
First page on Google for 2x search terms.

“nail salon tipton” & “nail shop great bridge”.

plz global apparel
Plz Global Apparel
Custom eCommerce store.
Over 200+ products.

Digital Marketing:
Average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for Facebook Ads: 1.82% (Market Average is 0.90%).
Average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for Google AdWords: 3.71% (Market Average is 1.91%).

Thanks for your time! I look forward to working with you.